Woman with a Suitcase

Little Band of Sailors blend folk, prog, goth, and heavy metal. Think Jefferson Airplane meets Black Sabbath. Their live shows are often a costumed spectacle of energy and contagious delight.

The band is fronted by Rachel Mason, a sculptor and a performer, whose lyrics draw equally from history and fantasy to forge surreal narratives. This new project is a collaboration between her and bassist Dmitriy Ivolgin who are joined by Mara Mayer on bass clarinet and Tslil Gispan on drums. Their influences range from Fleetwood Mac to Black Sabbath, P.J. Harvey, Alice Cooper and Carol King. Their melodies have been called haunting and piercing; their shows – bewitching and epic.

The title of their debut album Woman with a Suitcase is inspired by the image on the album’s cover created by John Baldessari, a living legend of conceptual art.

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